This is the Arkadia map with the GMC mining regions and points of interest. To install these maps, extract files from one of the packages below and copy all the files into the "Maps" folder inside the LBML folder on your computer. Restart LBML and you should now see the new map for Arkadia in your LBML map window.

Right click and select “save as” to download file:

Planet Arkadia (choose .zip or .rar)

The nine large, square regions are the nine server areas of Arkadia. The irregular yellow lines denote revive areas (hit T or die anywhere in a region and you will go to its revival terminal). The horizontal/vertical red and thick yellow lines show the 36 zones which we use to assign mining runs. White areas (yellow in the arctic) are mob areas (not 100% accurate). The Lootable PVP zone (red arctic circle) may be not accurately marked on the map so keep plenty of distance when mining near it.

Planet Calypso