How GMC works:
I give you probes, an appropriate finder for your skill level, and an extractor. Then you go mine an area and return all the minerals to me. Your profits are calculated from the markup of the ores you turn in. Profits are available for withdrawal after you've first cycled 2000 ped (10 full runs) and periodically after that.

To apply, fill out
this form.


  • LBML
    Use LBML to position your drops and log your claims. If LBML is not working for you, you are not allowed mine. Please talk to me ASAP if you’re having trouble with LBML to work properly. A restart of LBML and/or your computer fixes most problems. LBML is approved by Mindark for use with Entropia Universe.
  • Screenshots
    For your training runs and your first 10 full runs, you’re required to upload screenshots showing your LBML map (zoom in to the area of the run so I can clearly see the drop circles and claims, also show the RunMenu statistics if possible). After that, you should submit a screenshot once a week so I can compare different techniques our miners use. I may also ask for pics of particular runs.
  • Deposits
    All miners must provide a security deposit of 200 ped. This deposit is kept separate from your profit share. Your deposit will be returned to you when you quit. If your balance is currently negative, your deposit will be reduced to bring your balance up to zero. No equipment may be checked out unless the deposit is currently in place. Security deposits of scammers will not be returned.
  • Equipment/mineral returns
    If you know you'll be out of game for several days or more, please make every effort to return your finder before you leave. If you need to, PM me to arrange another meeting time. You can pick up new probes when you have time to begin another run. All resources you mine must be returned to me, including accidental treasure drops. Do not let claims expire. Try to maximize both your hit rate. I will maximize your markup by assigning a region appropriate for your depth.
  • Personal Runs
    If you currently have any GMC equipment or probes checked out, you are not allowed to go on any mining runs using your own equipment. All mining globals and HOFs (ore, enmatter, or treasure) you get while borrowing equipment will belong to GMC. Plan ahead and return your equipment and probes if you wish to do a personal run.
  • Trading
    Please line up during trading time and respect the other miners who were there before you. It may take a minute for all avatars to load when teleporting in. Try to make your trading session as fast and smooth as possible. At the start of the trade tell me what region you mined and if you need a new rock ripper or finder. Use tools until they are broken, then return them to me. I only need to see tools if you will be returning them. If there are other avatars in line behind you, move to the side as soon as you’re done trading.
  • Avatars
    You may not let another person mine for you; you may not use another avatar to mine for GMC. If you will be changing avatars or accounts, please speak to me before doing so.
  • Piracy and PVP
    While employed by GMC, you may not engage in space piracy or belong to a space pirate society. If you wish to mine in lootable PVP, please get permission and instructions first. If you are in lootable PVP with GMC equipment, you are not allowed to hunt other avatars, though you are allowed to defend yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need skills to work for the Greenleaf Mining Company?
No. You can mine for me even if you've only been playing for 1 hour (finish your introductory mining mission first, the one out at 8 coins.)

When will I get upgraded finders?
Please let me know if you're ready for a finder upgrade. Here are the profession levels at which the first finders are maxed (prospector & surveyor). You may be able to use these finders before they’re maxed, but if you’ve maxed a finder, you should not be using a lower one. For example, if you’re level 7, you should be using a Z20 or higher.

0…Terramaster 1
2…Ziplex Z5 Seeker
3…Ziplex Z10 Seeker
5…Ziplex Z15 Seeker
7…Ziplex Z20 Seeker
10..Terramaster 3
14..Ziplex TK120 Seeker
18..Terramaster 4
26..Terramaster 5

What training do you provide?
The GMC rookie training program teaches you the basics of mining and using LBML. I will review the maps of your runs and give you pointers to help you maximize your returns. We also have an active community of miners in our chat channel you can turn to for advice and help.

Do I need to mine on Arkadia?
If you receive your probes on Arkadia, I expect you to mine Arkadia. We may have mining opportunities on other planets, so ask me if you're interested in travel.

Can I mine anywhere on Arkadia?
You will be able to mine all across the planet, but to coordinate our many miners, you’ll have a region reserved for your run.

Can I take minerals into space with me?
No. Space is lootable PVP; GMC minerals should never be taken to space.

What mining technique should I use?
This is covered in the training program when you start GMC. Use LBML for every run. If you're in a rich area, cover that area, if you're in a poor area, drop a few probes and keep on running till you find more claims!

Do I need to make a long-term commitment to mining?
At GMC we’re looking for people who love mining and want to mine for GMC long term. During the rookie training period, you’re free to quit at any time if you decide GMC is not for you; your security deposit will be returned to you in full. People who finish the training period and move to full runs are making a longer term commitment to mining. When you quit, any overall losses on your account will be deducted from your security deposit. You're welcome to take vacations from mining (or quit) whenever you wish. You must, however, turn in any minerals, probes, and equipment before taking a vacation or quitting.

Can I use GMC equipment for my own runs?
No. Any finders, extractors, probes, or fuel I give you are intended for use on GMC mining runs only. If you were issued a vehicle, you may use the vehicle as much as you like, provided you're using your own fuel. Please avoid unnecessary decay due from mobs or PVP zones.

Do I get my next batch of probes when I turn in my minerals?
Yes, as long as you will be able to complete your next run and return minerals by the next day. If you only play occasionally, then you'll have to get your probes right before your run and turn in the minerals right after your run. This is to keep the peds flowing and give all our miners the opportunity to mine.

Who gives me probes and who do I turn over my minerals to?
Neil Greenleaf Stockton or Roslyn Kaz Farstar. No other avatars will collect minerals at this time.

What if my run is a loss?
Some runs are expected to be losses, but your average return should work out to about 95 to 100% TT. If your overall profit share is currently in the negative since your last payout, then you will not have any profit to pay out. If my records indicate a player with consistently low returns, I will try to troubleshoot your mining technique before dismissing you. When you mine properly, unamped, returns are surprisingly consistent over time.

Wouldn't I make more profit if I mine with my own probes and sell my minerals on the auction house?
Yes, you can make more profit this way, but you will need a large ped reserve or you will lose a significant amount on ore traders, you will also be risking your own peds. Many players are unwilling or unable to invest that much, and many would rather skip the hassle of selling minerals; GMC is perfect for them.

How are HOFs and Towers dealt with?
You are required to turn in HOFs and Towers just like any other minerals you mine while on a run for GMC. They will contribute to your profit share.

What is my profit share?
Profit shares are 50% of all profits. Profits are calculated from your total loot markup minus the costs of your runs, summed over the entire time you mine for GMC.

What if I finish my GMC run and want to mine more with my own probes?
This is no longer allowed. Please return all equipment and probes before doing personal mining runs (this includes treasure).

Can I drop bombs repeatedly in the same place?
No, it is not in your best interest to do this since you’d be wasting some or all of your probe, and claims take at least 90 minutes to regenerate.

Can I use my own finder?
Only if we arrange this in person.

Mining is so easy, I can make 150% each run using my super-secret technique. Can I mine without using LBML?
No. If you're mining with my probes, you may not use super-secret techniques as they tend to work only short term and lead to poor returns, and
you must use LBML to prevent overlapping drops and see the field.

What if I don't dig up all my claims in time?
It will cut into both of our shares of the profits. Please plan your run carefully so this doesn't happen.