New LBML map now shows mob areas!

As many of you have seen in the chat, Donte has made us an updated LBML map that now includes mob areas (thanks, Donte!) These areas were taken from or the Oceanic mapping software. It's probably 80-90% correct but some of the areas are outdated, in the wrong place, or missing. This isn't Donte's fault! If you notice inaccuracies in the map, let me know! I will also try to make some flights over the continent over the next couple of weeks to correct these inaccuracies for the next update.

LBML can work with only one map at a time, so you need to pick whether you want to use the mobless or mobbed map. Both are located in the Arkadia Maps section of the website. The map that you use must be named "arkadia_map.bmp" (don't worry if the ".bmp" part doesn't appear on your computer screen… it's still there, windows is just simplifying things for you).