VU 14.4 - LBML not auto detecting drops

Today’s EU version update 14.4 has changed a lot of the fonts in game.


1) LBML does not automatically detect drops since the fonts in the green finder window have been changed. You will need to mark drops manually, so you can click the ORE and ENM buttons in LBML or you can assign these functions to hotkeys on your keyboard (LBML Settings > Keybinds). The procedure now is: 1) drop your probe 2) click the ORE and ENM button to mark the drop circles, 3) open the claim info window to scan the info. If you open the claim window before marking the drops then it will not connect drop and claim with a line.

2) Claims are no longer recognized as ore/enm/treasure (I assume the font in the claim window title has been changed); instead, LBML thinks they’re all ores, which means that they will all try to connect with the ore drop circle instead of the appropriate one. This will be most an issue when dropping only for enmats or treasures. I recommend in that case that you mark your drop using the ore button instead of the enm/treasure button so you can see the proper "shrinking circle" effect. When you’re dropping for ores and enmats together (our normal run) then just use the “big” drop circle as a guide for your next drop.

If you have any questions, or other problems, don’t hesitate to PM me in game or post a chat message on the website.