New policy on large HOFs

GMC miners have had 3 very big HOFs over the past 2 weeks, which makes up a much larger portion of the overall return than I had ever expected to see based on my own mining logs over the past year. As MA said, the very large loots are more common even though globals are less common, and I guess that’s what we’re seeing.

So after reviewing the profit vs. cost numbers, I’ll need to change the policy on HOF profit sharing. Previously, the miner would keep almost all of the big HOF. From now on I’ll apply your normal profit share calculations to all HOFs, no matter their size. All HOF minerals must be turned in to me with your other materials. HOFs over 4k of course will need to be turned in as they become available from the tower. You’ll receive your (significant) profit share from these claims in peds as normal.