Udate fix for LBML v0.9.3.3

The latest version of LBML includes the rare Arkadia and Cyrene resources, but the automatic updater doesn’t complete the process properly (at least for most of us).

To update follow these steps:

  • Run the LBML updater (this normally happens automatically the first time you run LBML). You will get an error.
  • Quit LBML
  • Open the Task Manager (ctrl-alt-delete) and quit all processes related to LBML (Tessa Server and Little Big Mining Log)
  • Go to the Updates folder inside your LBML folder and find the archive named LBMLv0.9.3.3.zip, and extract it into the main LBML folder, overwriting existing files
  • Now LBML should start up properly
  • Re-set your custom settings (search radius and filters)